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Recent publications regarding ''Portais''  (Dez. 2023)

''Tasteful, groovy, harmonically rich, pleasing without being pandering, beautiful, surprising and virtuoso''


''Henrique Gomide presents wonderfully flowing interpretations of Brazilian classics on his piano solo debut. ''   


''Henrique Gomide conjures up lyrical phrases full of romantic verve on the instrument. His interpretations and improvisations become more exciting from piece to piece.''

‘’As well as his attachment to the musical culture of his homeland, Henrique Gomide's playing reflects all the classical craftsmanship that gives his music its undeniable class. Worth discovering’’

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🇬🇧 Presto Music
Jan. 12th 2024

Nov. 18th 2023

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🇩🇪Jazz Fun
Nov. 24th 2023

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Nov.  / Dez. 2023

🇧🇪Jazz Mania
24th November 2023

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